Create Tips,
Answer Questions,
Earn Royalties.

Master Apple’s technologies on the go.
Each Tip includes a Swift Playground.
Find exactly what you are looking for. All code is searchable.
If you’re stuck, get 1:1 help directly from the Tip’s author.


There are two ways you can make money on ZipTips, by creating a popular Tip and or answering user’s questions. We currently pay $250 each for the Top 3 Tips of the month or 25% of our monthly subscription revenue to the Creator’s of the Top 3 Tips of the Month (which ever is greater).

No. Anyone can view a tip. A subscription to ZipTips is only required to download a Tip’s playground or to ask a Creator a question.

ZipTips makes money via subscriptions and through a small $4.50 processing fee with each question asked.